My Morning Stroll Through the Neighborhood


I got my football Sunday started off nicely with a groggy and peaceful walk through my neighborhood. Lucky for me, I was able to get out the door a bit earlier than usually because my daughter decided  to sleep in… If you have kids then you know how awesome this is. To be able to start your morning off at your own pace rather than at that of a one year old…Godsend!


Anyways, I sleepily slipped on my warm “indoor shoes” and made my way out. It was nice to be able to just look. Normally I am taking pictures to feed my family and myself, but this morning I really enjoyed just being able to look around without the pressure of a deadline or client. On top of that, it happened to be nice and foggy so I was able to play around with the unique weather conditions. Something about a pathway leading into the fog really gets me going!



Hello Interweb!


In an effort to do more with my days and explore further, my creative abilities and interests, I have started this blog. For me this is an exercise of introspection and a bit of a creative “coming out” I guess. Rather than counting my followers and stressing about appeal, I want to just post MY truth and see what happens. That’s it. I want to use this forum as a pot to grow in, constantly adding to the soil with new work and inspiration from myself and others. I plan to post all things related to my personal creative world including, personal work, inspirations, ideas, frustrations, rants and any other media that makes my brain squirt Dopamine! Hopefully I can make yours squirt too…